Try delicious cake flavors like Cardamom, enjoy a good variety of homemade jams and surprise yourself with a different sweet treat like  Thousand Layer Cake from Chile.

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1 derful Bakes

That take the cake contest, 2016

First place on Special Techniques, Adult Intermidium category.

​  That take the cake, cake contest 2015

Second place on Gingerbread Houses, Adult Intermedium category.

That Take the cake, Cake Contest 2012.

First place novelty single tier cake, Adult beginner category.

That Take the cake, Cake Contest 2014.

First place on Special techniques, Adult intermedium category.

 A little bit about me:

Hi everyone!

My name is Jacqueline and I was born in Santiago, Chile.

I am a Registered Nurse by profession, but I became a full time mom after the bird of my wonderful triplet boys. After about 10 years ago I started learning baking and cake decorating and I become a self-taugh pastry chef.

In 2012 I started participating in Baking and Cake decoration competitions in Austin, TX. Since then, I have improve my techniques and knowledge significantly, having awards that make me feel very happy and proud about what I do.

I truly believe that life is beautiful and I would love to prepare beautiful and delicious cakes and sweet treats for you...with the magic of creating things made with love!



1 derful Bakes