*Cakes covered and decorated with Fondant have an extra charge of $0.40 per serving.
Special flavors cakes and special fillings have an extra charge of $.030 per serving.

**Cupcakes starting price consider basic decoration as a swirl of butter cream. It will be an extra charge for any fondant decoration as a topper.

***Cookies starting price consider a shaped cookie covered with one color of Royal icing, plain.

 You can use the cake pan sizes charts below as a reference to calculate size of  the cake that you will need depending on number of persons that you need to serve on your next event.

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There is a variety of butter cream filling flavors like Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, Lemon, Oreo, and Almond. Also you have other special choices like Cream Cheese butter cream, Jams, Chocolate Ganache and  Dulce de Leche.

Classic Cake Flavors

This are the classic flavors that most anybody know and they are popular at the moment to make a cake flavor choice.

- Vanilla            - Red Velvet

- Chocolate      - Orange

- Marble            - Lemon

- Confetti          - Almond

​All the cakes and bakes are made from scratch with the best ingredients and tons of love !!!

​Cake Flavors and                   Fillings

​1 derful Bakes

​Cake Serving Chart

Single tier cakes include all cakes shapes like round, square, oval or sheet cakes, different sizes.

Type of Order          Price per serving start at:​*

Special Flavors

This Flavors are more gourmet and maybe this is a good time for you to try a new flavor!

- Cardamom

- Rum

- Spices

- Carrot

​Single tier Cakes               $2.50 per serving

Tiered Cakes                     $3.00 per serving

Customized 2D or 3D      $3.50 per serving

Cupcakes                           $2.00 each**

Cookie                                $2.50 each***

I design each baked good specifically for the client.  Pricing varies based on the size, ingredients and design complexity of each order. I will work closely with you to find the perfect cake that will match your needs and budget. 

Customized cakes are any 2D or 3D  shaped cakes.

Tiered cake is any cake with two or more tiers, different shapes and sizes. Used on weddings, birthdays, quinceaneras and any other special event.


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